Photo Flashback, themed photograph franchise
The Photo Flashback franchise is a high profit business, compared to your
purchases which are required, the profits from the sale of the photographs
in frames is over 700%.
Because of the ease with which the costumes can be fitted and the Photo
Flashback software a standard framed photograph can be completed within
ten minutes by one franchisee and the minimum profit from that sitting is £10,
therefore profits of £60 an hour can easily be achieved.  Add to this the fact
that in most cases two or more products are ordered after the sitting and a
further charge is made for each extra person in the photograph and regular
high profits can be taken.  Below is an example of a quiet day at Llandudno.
Hover over the images to see what was bought at each sitting.  
Click the image for a larger picture.  
A. 14x11 Frame +1 extra person
B. 14x11 Frame
C. 14x11 frame + 1 extra person
D. 20x16 frame + 2 extra persons
E. 14x11 frame + 2 extra persons
F. 14x11 frame + 2 extra persons
G. 14x11 frame + 1 extra person
H. 14x11 frame
I. 14x11 frame
J. 8x6 frame
K. 2- 14x11 frames + 8x6 frame
L. 14x11 frame +1 extra person
Breakdown of items sold on a quiet day in May before the season opened
Additional cost of £1 per extra person in shot.
A: 14x11 frame + £1      £15.99         B: 14x11 frame               £14.99
C: 2-14x11 frames+ £1  £30.98         D: 20x16 frame +£2       £26.99
E: 14x11 frame + £2     £16.99         F: 14x11 frame + £2        £16.99
G: 14x11 frame + £1     £15.99         H: 14x11 frame               £14.99
I: 14x11 frame             £14.99         J: 8x6 frame                  £ 9.99
K: 2-14x11 frame +8x6 £34.97         L: 14x11 frame +£1         £15.99

The total for about 2 hours work £229.85 about £150 profit
Yearly earning based on 2 hours a day, 5 days a week for 48 weeks
229.95 x 5 x 48 = £55,164 (£36,000 profit)