Photo Flashback, themed photograph franchise
With the invention of Photography the Victorians would attend their local studio to
have their picture taken, this was a slow process which involved standing perfectly still
for a few minutes so that the photographic plate could absorb the image being projected
onto it by the camera lens.  Due to the fact that the customers had to pose perfectly still,
all the early pictures were of people with serious faces, as it is almost impossible to keep
a smile still for the time required.  All the early photographs were in Sepia (A Brown and
White).  As photography developed to Black and White and then Colour taking photographs
became almost instant and happy faces became the standard.

With the advent of theme parks many photographers would dress their customers in
traditional dress and take their photograph and this is where the concept of Photo Flashback
developed from.

The Old Victorian Picture House, Llandudno has been established over 20 years and John
Chambers has been constantly improving the system since then and when digital photography
became a similar quality to conventional photography he investigated it’s use.  The advantage
of being able to produce the photographs so that customers could take them away with them
gave a potentially great boost to this already successful business but John found the system
was too slow, the time taken between taking the photograph and starting the printing using
off the shelf software was long winded and required too much training of staff.   

As a Day You Were Born franchisee, a business that John had been running alongside of his
Victorian studio, John approached Glynne Davies the programmer from The Day You Were
Born franchise for a solution and the Photo Flashback franchise was created.  The system
has been developed over several years to not only include all the popular frames sizes up
to A3 size but to also include Greeting Cards, Glass paperweights, Key Rings, Magazine
Front pages, Mouse mats and Passport photographs.  As with the passport photographs the
system can be used for conventional pictures, Wedding photography or Event Photography.
You can even sell the customer the pictures on CD.

The Future
                As the hardware develops in the future so will the software programme keeping
pace with technology, new facilities will be added and new products will be added to the
already comprehensive range.